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Reclaiming Our Minds, It’s about time!


When it comes to managing stress it seems that women do it well. Oftentimes we juggle multiple projects at work, demanding academic loads, marriages or dating (or the quest for bae), making sure our children’s needs are met, being a listening ear for our friends and somehow we still make time for the occasional brunch all while making it look as stress free as a evening of Netflix and chill. Meanwhile on the inside our spirits can be in shambles and our chakras unaligned. Here are my top 5 tips for keeping my spirit calm and my thoughts clear;

1. Start your day with gratitude. Jotting down 3 things you are thankful for in the morning can greatly improve your outlook and help to activate your positive energy and jump start your day. My gratitude journal has saved many of people from being cursed out.

2. Prayer, meditation and or positive affirmations. What’s your favorite scripture? Quote? I am statement? Whatever it may be add it to your daily routine. Recite it. Write it on a post it note and put it on your mirror or on your desk. Surround yourself with positive words and your thoughts will evolve.

3. Music!! We all have that song that when we hear it our mood instantly transcends and suddenly our eyes are closed, and the item closest to us becomes our microphone. We must keep that song downloaded on our phones or computers so that we can get lifted as needed.

4. Talk to a professional. The realest person on your team will be your therapist. Unbiased and professionally trained to assist you in realizing your best and most authentic self. This is a great resource for finding the perfect match for you

5. Prioritize yourself. When is the last time you wrote “get a massage” or “go for a walk” down on your to do list? Often times we write down what we need to get done for our household or our loved ones but leave ourselves off the list. We cant serve from a empty vessel. We must take care of ourselves and actively make time and space for our growth, health and wellness. We deserve! Our success and happiness depend on it.

Choose Joy!



Miriam Muhammad
Miriam Muhammad
Wife, Mom, travel enthusiast, concert afficiando. Therapist. I love to encourage people to protect their peace, grow spirituality and choose joy.

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