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February 10, 2018
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February 26, 2018
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Black Panther

Hello my powerful  Sista’s! !

I’m sure many (if not most) of you have already seen Black Panther. There’s a lot of talk going on about the movie and the obvious as well as subliminal messages. Most people are feeling empowered by the storyline. I just wanted to put it out there and get some feedback from you are you feeling about the movie? There’s so many different directions we could go with the conversation so please just let your thoughts flow..

Eileen Langford-Knox
Eileen Langford-Knox
I am an Herbalife Health Coach, I do business in over 94 Counties! I love to travel around the world making people healthier and happier! Also, I am the CEO of Milestones Family Learning Center. A 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to creating opportunities for marginalized individuals less likely to succeed. Currently, we have (2) inner-city Nutrition Clubs that provide daily nutritional and fitness classes for over 300 families. My vision is a Nutrition Club in every community, A place where families can come together to learn about healthy eating and participate in more active lifestyles..If we work together, we CAN change the nutritional habits of the world!

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