Support for Success: Who is in your Justice League?

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February 26, 2018
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Support for Success: Who is in your Justice League?

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I don’t believe in superheroes. But since a lot of you think you are Superman or Superwoman and can do it all I’m here to tell to to get your superhero team together. Everyone needs a Justice League or a cabinet of advisors for support.
I do think that most of us have one superpower, something we do really well, but we could all benefit from being part of a team with others with complimentary superpowers. I don’t believe in superheros and I really don’t like lone superheroes. Everyone needs a team or a partner, or at least a behind the scenes helper. Think Alfred or Robin to Batman, the Avengers or the Justice League.  Even Superman had kryptonite and would need help from time to time. Almost everyone will need help at some point in your life, don’t wait until you need it, build your Justice League or superhero team now by surrounding yourself with people that compliment you.


Think about who you can text or call for support. Think about who serves as your mentor at work, or school. Think about that person you bounce ideas off of, or that person who did not hesitate to help you pack or move. That is your support team; your Justice League, your Avengers.


Notice I didn’t say spouse or family because those folks may or may not be a part of your team and that’s okay. Choose your team wisely. These are the folks you can trust with secrets (who won’t blast it on social media) and those who will be honest when needed.


The most important thing you can do once you have your support team is thank them and support their endeavors. Don’t just call them when needed but call and invite them to talk over coffee. Take them to lunch just to catch up. Show them you appreciate their support. If you support them, they will support you and that will contribute to your success.


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Charlotte Taylor
Charlotte Taylor
Charlotte Taylor is a consultant and motivational speaker who lost over 100lbs and has been helping law students achieve success for over 20 years. She is available to speak to pre-law and law school students on applying to law schools, how law school is taught, what to expect on a law school exam and how to make the most of out of law school. She is co-author of Bridging the Gap Between College and Law School: Strategies for Success. She is also available to speak on being fit and finer: making a lifestyle change for health and happiness after losing over 100lbs with Weight Watchers and keeping it off for over a year. She has presented vision board workshops and presentations on getting motivated and staying motivated to help others achieve success. Contact her today at to schedule her to speak to your group, or to consult one on one.

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