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April 30, 2018
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Love and Reciprocation

Often times we search for love and affirmation from people who have time and time again shown us that they are not worthy of our energy and attention. Weather its the guy who makes our heart skip a beat but leaves us on read for days or doesn’t respond at all, the family member we constantly show up for but when we need support they are ghost, we must release them. Not with a spirit of malice but in the spirit of self preservation and love. Some people are best loved from a distance because they are toxic. When we surround ourselves with people who demonstrate with their actions that they love and respect us we thrive.

Just like flowers need to be nurtured in order to grow and blossom as women we need to nourish our spirits, hearts and minds carefully and in the proper environment. We must handle ourselves with care and require others to do the same.
We must love ourselves enough to know that we are worthy of love and reciprocation. It starts with us appreciating ourselves enough to not accept D list treatment when we are A list stars in the eyes of The Creator. We must begin to envision ourselves properly. Let’s start to view ourselves through God’s eyes and surround ourselves with others who do the same. Don’t be afraid to confidentially walk away from those who never replenish what they take. Let’s protect our peace.

Let go. Embrace peace. Choose Joy.

Miriam Muhammad
Miriam Muhammad
Wife, Mom, travel enthusiast, concert afficiando. Therapist. I love to encourage people to protect their peace, grow spirituality and choose joy.

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